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Jade (14 years old) has presented her assembly - 'Believe In Yourself & Follow Your Dreams' at 43 South Devon primary schools (goal of 50 schools). With audiences between 60 - 500 students per assembly.  Her inspirational message of persistence, resilience and self-belief has now reached approximately 14'000 primary school children.


The assembly is about being brave to keep on following your dreams, even when things are challenging. It follows Jade's own journey as a pageant girl, the ups and downs, successes and disappointments (of which there have been many). The aim is to inspire all children to believe in themselves and follow their own dreams whatever they may be.

Believe In Yourself & Follow Your Dreams is around 15 minutes long and Jade is happy to present to any number of children and the assembly is appropriate for the entire school.


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Jade's assemblies are endorsed by Plymouth & district MIND :

"The work Jade is doing is playing a great role in both breaking down those stigmas around mental health and encouraging young people to talk about their issues. One in 10 of our young people will experience poor mental health, and it is so important to talk to them at primary-school age about emotions and feelings. Jade is the best role model there is, because these young people can identify with her. We are looking forward to working more with Jade in 2018 to support this initiative“                                


Olivia Craig - Plymouth & District Mind

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"Dear Jade, Thank you so much for coming to visit us to share your story just before half term. The children really enjoyed your assembly and it has helped them to think bout what they are capable of achieving if they set their targets high and believe in themselves. It was inspiring to hear first hand about how you are pursuing your dreams regardless of the obstacles that may be in your way and this linked well with work we have been doing in school about perseverance. You spoke with real passion for what you do and what you believe in which was great for the children to hear. Everyone at Widewell wishes you the very best for the future"

Widewell Primary Academy

“Thank you very much to Jade for her inspiring presentation yesterday to our children. Jade came across as an inspiring young lady with such an enthusiasm that I am sure will leave a lasting positive impression”

 St Peters RC Primary

“Jade is a fantastic role model for all children. She demonstrated to the children the importance of believing in yourself. The children were inspired by Jade's story and her belief you can achieve any of your dreams if you have the determination to do so. Jade is an incredibly confident young person who will go far in life. Thank you for sharing your message with us!

Head of Key Stage 2

"Hi Jade, Thank you so much for your recent visit to us at High View School. Your assembly was fantastic and really helped us to think about how we can all achieve great things if we set our targets high and believe in ourselves. To hear first hand all about how you are pursuing your dreams -regardless of what obstacles might present themselves- was inspirational. You spoke with both purpose and passion and you have certainly touched the hearts and minds of us thank you, and well done Jade!"

Deputy Headteacher 

"Dear Jade,  Thank you so much for giving up your time to speak to the children at St Joseph's. You were a well-prepared and engaging speaker and I could tell that the children were enthralled with your story. For someone so young, you talked to 160 children from 4-11 years with the confidence of an adult. The message you gave them was very valuable. Thank you for sharing your dream and encouraging our children to follow their dreams. We wish you all the best in your next adventure in Paris. Please let us know how you get on"

Assistant Head Teacher

Feedback for Jade Sutton from Stoke Flemming, Endurance Class (Year 4/5)


Did we find Jade’s talk interesting?

Yes, because we thought that Beauty Pageants were all about dresses and tiaras but you taught us that they are so much more than that. It was inspiring learning that you do so much charity work. It was good to stop and think about our dreams and how to achieve them.

We liked your quotes, especially the ones from WILL.I.AM and the one about the moon and the stars. We’re going to print those ones out and put them up in our classroom to remind us of your talk and to always strive to achieve our dreams.


How might Jade’s talk help us?

It reminds us to believe in ourselves.


How was Jade’s talk?

She came across very brave and clever! She spoke very clearly.


Thank you for visiting our school and inspiring us, GOOD LUCK AT DISNEYLAND!! Come back and visit us when you are Miss Universe, we know you will achieve your dream!

From Endurance Class,

"The assembly Jade was perfect for our school.  As we are looking to raise aspirations and inspire the children to achieve their best and follow their dreams, Jade's presentation provided a great example of someone the children could relate to who has followed her dreams.  I was very impressed with how confident Jade was especially for someone her age.  It was great to hear about all of the time she has committed to good causes and that she continues to aim for her dreams"


Quotes from children:

The assembly was really good!  It makes me want to try harder for my dream of being a dancer.'

‘She was really good, I can't believe how much she has done already'

'She was really good at speaking.  She is only 2 years older than me!'
Head of Key Stage 2

"Thank you Jade for coming to Blackawton primary and delivering such a memorable, inspirational speech. The whole school were captivated by your delivery (not an easy feat when talking to children as young as 4 and up to the age of 11!). We all wish you every success at the Little Miss Teen GB event in October. We're sure you will do yourself, and all the children you have inspired, proud"

Head of School

"It was great to have someone Jade's age share her dreams because it showed the children that they do come true when you do something about them. Jade was clear, kind and patient with the children. She answered all questions and she gave the children in depth information about her journey, which allowed the children to see each step. What was also great was that she didn't shy away from sharing her shortcomings and rocky start and it was brilliant because the children, especially KS2, got the sense that things do not always stay rocky and that things can change. Thank you very much for coming in to our academy and sharing Jade's journey with us"

All Saints Marsh C of E Academy

Year 5 & 6 students of Park School wrote:

"Jade's presentation was amazing! She is a very kind person who will follow her dreams no matter what. She is a fighter, In my opinion she will win every pageant that she enters"  

Ela age 9


"It was very interesting. To me it was like you were a weed and then you turned into a rose. I really liked the quotes." 

Marshall age 9


"I thought that what you do is inspiring. I would like to raise money for charities as well. I totally agree with not giving up and raising money for charities. I also liked your saying, reach for the moon you might hit a star if you miss"

Finn age 9


"Jade, you have really inspired me to write book's and sell them for charity. Your speech was one of the best speeches I have ever heard. It nearly made me cry"

Ella age 10


"I thought it was good that you came to talk to us because now we know that we can be anything that we want to be. It's good that you want to help people that don't have any food or drink"

Maighdlin age 11

"Jade's stoicism was absolutely amazing, it made me realise just how much people take their dreams and turn them into a reality. (after a struggle!)"  

Daisy age 10


"She believed in herself, she didn't give up. I thought her speech was amazing and powerful. She told us to follow our dreams" 

Loren age 9


"I thought that even though Jade had problems, she pushed through. I really like that she is raising money for charity and she didn't give up after the first attempt."  

Ollie 10


"I thought it was very emotional and moving. I also thought it was a strong and meaningful presentation"

James age 10


"I thought that her speech was very good and moving and that she is very good at what she does. I think she should carry on with her work. She taught me to always follow my dreams"

Rachel age 9


I" thought that it was really inspiring that she hadn't been put off by people telling her she couldn't do it but she still carried on and never gave up"

Kieran age 11


I" thought Jade was very inspiring and confident. Her presentation was wonderful! I loved how when she didn't win her first competition she kept on trying and trying"

Anna age 10

"Jade's assembly was really well received by all the children across the school.  Her message was inspiring, clear and well presented.  She provides an excellent role model to children on what you can achieve as well as what it is to help others within the community."

Curledge Street Academy

"At College Road Primary School, Jade spoke to us for 20 minutes about how to follow your dreams. In front of over 200 children aged 4-12, she was very confident. What an exciting assembly!

Jade spoke to us about how she followed her dreams and told us to follow ours no matter how big or how small. Although she has ADHD, she followed (and accomplished) her dream of being in a beauty pageant. All the children thought it was a wonderful assembly and we would definitely recommend other schools ask her to come in and talk to them. We wish Jade lots of luck for the future. Thank you"

From Sam  (year 6 child of College Road Primary School)

"Jade came to our school and delivered a fantastic assembly. She spoke about her struggles at school and how despite this she has never given up on her dreams. She spoke so confidently and engaged all the children, they were mesmerized by her! She inspired them to take up charity work and to aim for the stars. Good luck to Jade at Miss Junior Team Great Britain. Many thanks for coming"

Year 5 Class teacher

"Jade was certainly an inspiration for our children. She held their attention for the whole time she spoke, passing special messages that will undoubtedly have touched many of them and what they are going through right now.  Jade is a fantastic example of a young lady who has seen that she can make a difference and is making every effort to do just that - we need many more like her in this world We would love to know how Jade gets on and invite her back into our school any time"

Head Teacher

“Our school was lucky enough to have a visit from Jade Sutton, who presented an assembly to our year 1 and 2 children entitled 'Believe in yourself and follow your dreams'.  I wasn't sure what to expect from the assembly but I was absolutely blown away, not only by the wonderful message Jade was delivering, but also how confident she was to stand up and talk to the children. There are many teachers who find leading assemblies a little daunting so for her to have led so many is amazing.  She captivated our children instantly and all were very inspired by her message to be the best person they could be, no matter who they are, what they look like or what stands in their way. She is a very inspirational person and somebody our children could definitely look up to.  We were lucky to have Jade come to our school to share her story and we wish her every success for whatever she decides to do next”
Anthony Rollinson
Deputy Head Teacher

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"To hear first hand how you are pursuing your dreams -regardless of what obstacles might present themselves- was inspirational. You spoke with purpose and passion and you have touched the hearts and minds of us all...."

"I was absolutely blown away, not only by the wonderful message Jade was delivering, but also how confident she was to stand up and talk to the children..."


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schools visited so far

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